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Postby zipzit » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:56 am

I'm trying to update my site, with a couple of options for the customer. I'm using Joomla! 3.0.2 Stable, with JEvents 3.0.4

I've got a nearly pure protostar (Basically white with Red accent) and another template I've created with Black background and consistent accents.

Its quite clear the JEvents stuff doesn't lend it well to major CSS color scheme changes. Additionally I'd like to hide some elements. What I really want is a simple monthly calendar. I'd like to hide the entire <div class="ev_navigation" > bar.

I'm looking at the samples within the JEvents download (mod_jevents_cal / tmpl / ... )

Your not making it easy. The problem is, I can fix this, but what I'm most worried about is all my stuff won't be located within one single location. If I were ever to update a JEvents module, I'm afraid my site won't be functional again.

How about a usersguide to best practice on CSS template work with these modules, a roadmap to where all the css and form factors are located? It would be a simple templates_and_css_readme.txt included in the package, no?

How about a coordinated system or at least coordinated template directory location schema that includes eventsadmin.css , events_css.css , modstyle.css

I don't mind that there is a lot of stuff, as long as that stuff is well contained in one location. What drives me crazy is having disorganized stuff in numerous locations. In essence there is no way to include JEvents content to a customer A or B visual template decision.

This is just sloppy design upfront. Its like the folks writing this stuff never have to sell sites to customers. Sure if I have an absolute go for one decision from the customer on what the web site should look like I can nibble into all the locations and update the visuals. But I never get that.

How about a single base calendar.php file that uses variables defined in a template_XYZ_calendar_support.php with consistent behavior throughout?

How about a less module to support JEvents, one that integrates with bootstrap along the lines of variables.less

Yes I know its a free download and perhaps I'm complaining unnecessarily but come on, what are you guys thinking? Focus on the customer (not me, the ultimate folks who are asking for web sites, and their customers, the people who are looking at web pages!)

Am I the only person complaining here? Heck is this stuff open source development? Are you guys accepting input from non partial third parties? Apologies for the rant.

I'm very appreciative for the free content, just frustrated all the same. thanks for listening (I feel better now)
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Postby Geraint » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:08 pm

The layouts are all quite different to each other and the club layouts ( ... pns-jan-27) are even more different. They therefore have considerably different PHP logic and not just CSS/images. One benefit of this is you can choose a layout that is roughly the right shape for your site and then customise the colour scheme using CSS etc.

See ... jevents-15 for a quick intro into customising these layouts so you don't lose them when you upgrade. The layouts inherit from the default layout and use view helper files to eliminate duplicate coding. The 'strange' directory structure is required to allow us to offer multiple layouts and still support Joomla template overriding.

There are more detailed docs in the club member area that describe how to implement CSS and image customisation and more detailed explanation of how you can customise specific layouts (e.g. fields available etc.)
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