Custom Fields


JEvents Club Silver members can download and install the custom fields addon that allows them to enhance the event detail with a wide variety of field types.  The screenshots show these set out on 2 special tabs but you can configure the plugin to show these fields altogether or on as many tabs as you require and you can set the tab titles to suit your requirements.

The supported field types include:

  • Boolean (yes/no)
  • Calendar/Date (with date picker popup)
  • Community Builder field (fixed value from profile or editable)
  • Checkbox
  • Email address
  • Event Flag (a special field type that allows you to creat a personal event planner for site visitors)
  • Files and Images (this requires the standard file/image addon to be installed too)
  • Guid
  • HTML/Wysiwyg editor field
  • Instructions (these are instructions for the event creator and are not visible in the event detail pages)
  • Select list (either single or multiple selection)
  • Joomla Menu item
  • Radio boxes
  • Text field
  • Text area field (with the option to allow HTML or not)
  • URL
  • Joomla user
  • Youtube/Vimeo video

Other field types can be added fairly easily if you have some moderate PHP skills

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